Woo Who?

  • Design Challenge: Design a narrative experience with VR
  • Contribution: Story, design, programming, models and animations
  • Platform: HTC Vive
  • Project Duration: 2 weeks, 2018
  • Team: 5 people
  • Tools: Maya, Unity, Photoshop

Woo Who? is a VR narrative experience where the guest competes with the male character to impress the female character on the balcony. Statue frog comes to life and teach guest to play violin, juggle and sing.

Character Rig – Don Toadlioni

The Team

  • Alexander Woskob – story, sound
  • Ashley Liang – environment art, programming
  • Jue Wang – character models and animations
  • Saumya Lahera – programming
  • Yui Wei Tan (that’s me)

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