Cutting Edge – Narrative VR Experience

I created lighting for outdoor and indoor scenes, using both baked lighting techniques as well as real-time lights in Unity.

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B3D Donut Scene

I did a series of renders of a breakfast scene using donut and tableware models I had created. I wanted to create the feeling of morning light coming in from the window by using a blue-tinted fill light and a warm key light.

I also experimented with making an outdoor scene with using HDR tone mapping, and creating a dim indoor scene that looks like it was lit with fluorescent lamps.

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Dragons – Unity scene

For this project, I created two dragons with high heels and well-sculpted legs, and wanted to display them in a catwalk-like scene. I used coloured directional lights that would give the feeling of a bar stage and a main spotlight to illuminate the subjects.

Given more time, I would have also added a backlight to illuminate the silhouette of the dragons, especially given that many stage setups in concerts and others utilise that.

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Underwater Game

I did the overall look development for this game which was set entirely underwater. The look heavily utilised triangular facets and bright colours for the fish and characters.

I also did lighting for the renders, which were used in promotional materials, as well as the in-game lighting in Unity. The renders were lit to emphasize the mystique of deep-sea exploration and give a scientific and business-like feeling to the playable area, which was the laboratory and the submarine. The in-game lighting simulated underwater light shafts and caustics, and lighting was also used to draw attention to important spots in the environment.

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Space Bar

I did the overall look development for this VR game, where we wanted to create the feeling of a wacky alien bar. I used minimal area lights, instead choosing to draw attention to emissive (neon) elements in the area, such as the anemone-like light implements on the walls and the glowing dance floor.

As this game was featured in the ETC Festival, I also had to do theming for a room where this game was showcased to create an engaging location-based experience.

One of my tasks was distributing the lighting implements we were provided. These were three hanging area black lights and two black throw lights. I balanced these with the light emitted from the screens (that were used for spectating gameplay), the dim presentation lights behind the bar, and light coming in from the door.

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Art Installation Lighting

As part of this museum art installation I created, I had to figure out the lighting for the installation. The left image shows the final installation and the right image is a compilation of layout references and lighting mockups I created.

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