I am Yui. I’m a programmer and artist and I love creating meaningful and impactful experiences. I’m currently undertaking a Masters of Entertainment Technology at Carnegie Mellon University, under the ETC.

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What I’m Working On Right Now:

I’m currently learning Houdini! Projects to follow~

I’m also currently on a project called Block Party. The client is the Hunt Library of Carnegie Mellon University, and we’re creating an augmented reality/mixed reality pop-up installation featuring LEGO! I’m currently producer and programmer on the team and working heavily with RGBD data and computer vision techniques to accomplish our goal. Read our development blog here!

Earlier this year…

I took a technical animation course, where I’ve scripted inverse kinematics for Maya, and implemented cloth simulation in WebGL. Read my weekly blog on the class here!

I’m was on a project exploring cinematic visual language for VR, where I am designing different ways of doing spatial jump cuts in VR. I was working in Maya, Substance Painter, and ZBrush to create characters and assets for our final product!