Character Beauty Sculpt

In 2018, I decided to pick up ZBrush by taking a short course at 3dsense Media School for a month. As the final project for the course, I chose to create a beauty sculpt (high-poly, not for implementation) of a character I really liked from a D&D show I frequently watch.

This is the final sculpt I submitted:

We were allowed to submit a polypainted version:

Some works in progress. I had a lot of fun sculpting the hair and the cloth. I struggled a little bit with harder surfaces, like the horns.

I was working with a 2D reference which was a fan art of the same character made by Lisa Harald. Here is a side-by-side:

I tried bringing it into Blender to do some nice renders since I didn’t own Keyshot, but because I only had the high-poly, I could only use materials and not texture maps.

Currently, one of my personal projects is to retopologize her and create the low poly version, as well as create the normal and bump maps for the low-poly. When I finish, complete with textures, I will make some new renders! And maybe even some animation?

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