3D Modelling

Cuts and Transitions in VR

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Various Projects

Here are some projects on which I was the main 3D artist (created 90% of game assets)

Space Bar Project
Donuts Render
8th Sea Aquarium Game

High-poly Character Sculpt (ZBrush)

I modeled this tiefling character based on a character in a Dungeons and Dragons show I watched frequently and learnt ZBrush with this project.

I was working with a 2D reference which was a fan art of the same character made by Lisa Harald. Here is a side-by-side:

Currently, in my spare time, I am working on retopologizing her so I can give her proper texture maps and normal and bump maps as well!

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Frog Model (ZBrush to Maya)

For this model, I started out sculpting in ZBrush to get the organic forms of a frog out. Then, I brought the form into Maya and did retopology to get the low-poly. I then simply used the low-poly model to add on the clothes.

I only had two weeks to implement the frog character for the game, so I spent about 5 days on modeling and rigging as I needed the second week for animation. Given more time, I would have added the clothing while inside ZBrush to get more detail on the cloth.

For more about the frog (including rig and animations!), click here.

Dragons Low-poly Sculpt (Maya)

This project was done to learn the entire art pipeline for making a low poly Unity game. The task was to create a dragon model with two animations. The entire project was done in a week.

For more about the dragons (including rig and animations!), click here.

Creatures (Traditional Sculpt)

For this art installation of a museum of imaginary creatures derived from real-world flora and fauna, I traditionally sculpted some fictional artefacts of creatures.

The bones and fossils were done with Sculpey and papier-mache, while the preserved “insects” were created by folding and sculpting tea-stained paper.

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